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There has been a recent revolution in digital dentistry.

We have seen digital enable immediate imaging with X-rays and CT Scans and now the revolution has reached the impressions and manufacturing of crowns, inlays, bridges and veneers.

It is without a doubt that CEREC is the most advanced dental system in the world and all the longterm clinical tests and studies are showing teeth restored with CEREC are lasting as long as teeth restored with gold.

  • Average Cost: †From £760 Per Restoration
  • Treatment Length: †Around Two Hours or so from Start of preparation to fitting the finished tooth.
  • Used to Treat: †Crowns, Veneers, Bridges or Inlays
  • Available From: †A CEREC Trained Cosmetic Dentist

CEREC stands for CEramic REConstruction.†

It is an in-surgery CAD/CAM system that can make any laboratory dental restoration (crown, bridge, veneer or inlay) actually in the dentist’s surgery without having to send impressions out to a lab or wear a temporary.†

This gives tremendous advantages for the busy patient who may have to take time off work to visit the dentist.

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With CEREC, instead of the dentist taking impression moulds to make a crown, an inlay, a small bridge (3 teeth) or a veneer. The tooth is simply scanned with a small camera as below:


and the crown, inlay or veneer is then perfectly milled out from a block of ceramic . Once milled, the restoration is then seamlessly bonded to the tooth.

There are many advantages to patients who’s dentist use CEREC. Not only do they get the best restoration for their tooth but the whole process is completed in just one appointment. The benefits of CEREC are:-

Longlasting dental restoration that will look and feel like a natural tooth
No impressions or moulds
Less natural tooth removed so less drilling
No second visit and no second anaesthetic
No temporaries to wear
Ceramic materials so no metal in your mouth.
Doesn’t cost any more than conventional lab made restorations

Who uses CEREC?

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Only dentists who have invested in the CEREC CADCAM system or laboratories who have CEREC inLab. The CEREC system is made by Dentsply Sirona (formerly Siemens) in Germany and is a significant investment for the practice. It also takes time to be trained to use. However, the dentist won’t have to pay a lab to make a restoration and so the overall cost to the patient is usually the same.

What can be done with CEREC?

Quite simply, any procedure that the dentist would need to use a laboratory for such as a†crown, bridge, veneer or inlay†can be made with CEREC. Additionaly, CEREC can be used instead of placing a filling and there are many advantages to using CEREC instead of fillings. Not only do teeth restored with CEREC look and feel like a natural tooth, they are much stronger than regular fillings and will last much, much longer.†

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