SCI Splints (also known as NTI-tss Splints)


Your dentist has a simple solution for treating headaches. It’s called the Sleep Clench Inhibitor or SCI. The SCI is indicated for the prevention of migraine headaches. In a clinical trial, 82% of SCI users experienced a 77% reduction in migraine events...with no medical side effects.

How does it work?

During sleep, everyone clenches their teeth. For many, clenching and grinding causes migraine or tension-type headaches. The SCI reduces clenching by not allowing the canine or back teeth to touch. This diminishes muscle contractions in the head and face. Intense muscle activity can cause headaches and migraines.

To demonstrate how the SCI works, simply touch the muscles of your temples while biting down on a pencil with the back teeth as hard as possible. The temporal muscles will bulge and intensely contract. When you bite down on a pencil, with only the front teeth, the temporal muscles remain relaxed.

Your SCI can be made in one visit at the chairside. It costs 325 to make.

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